Stunt Performer Spotlight: Victoria Rose

Featured Interview With Stunt Predator, Victoria Rose.

Tell about yourself and story!

I have always been interested in movies.  When I was 21 yrs old, I went out to LA.  I didn't care for the huge city.  So, I came back to Ohio, took some classes and worked on local projects.

Then one night I saw a local Pro-Wrestling show on T.V. that held classes before their shows.  In February of 2004 I went in and tried out.  I trained and began to work with local companies.

This is also how I met my husband (17 years later we are still together).  Then in 2012 we were both extras on a movie for the first time.  We met a lot people and learned about the Cleveland Film Commission and the mixers they hold.

We went to the next mixer and met a man who had stunts written under his name. He told us about Mr. Richard Fike.  We emailed Mr. Fike to learn about how to get into the stunt field.  We started training and working with Mr. Fike and Stunt Predators U.S.A. in Jan 2013.

What inspired me to become a stunt person?

I was already training and working on the local the pro-wrestling scene.

For me it was a natural progression to go from pro-wrestling to stunts.

What is your greatest skill as a stunt performer?

One of my best skills is improvisation or being able work a fight/stunt scene with very little time to prepare.

My husband and I were at an audition with the director and crew of a project that shot in Cleveland.  The parts were a "drunk couple fighting" and the director wanted us to "show her something".

So, we walked over to the corner of the lunch room with Mr. Fike and he quickly walked us through what he wanted to see.  Less than a minute later we had a quick 30 second or so "fight" right there in the lunch room.

Later we found out that some of the other crew in the room thought that we were really having a fight.

What is the best part of being a stunt performer?

The best part about being a stunt performer is learning new skills and challenging myself.

I learned how to safely work with fire on set and hid behind a burning book shelf to help the effects team recreate an inescapable burning basement.

Then the next day I was a rioter being blasted with a water cannon.

What advice would you give to other stunt people?

I would tell them never stop learning, training and challenging themselves.

And remember safety is the number 1 rule.

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