Stunt Performer Spotlight: Tomer Oz

Featured Interview With Stunt Performer, Tomer Oz.

Tell about yourself and stunts, Tomer!

My name is Tomer Oz, I am a stunt performer, Muay Thai Instructor, a fight choreographer, and an actor.  I was born in Israel where I started my martial arts training as a young boy.  I started practicing martial arts in my hometown and later after my service in the army I traveled around the world pursuing my professional martial arts dream!

Muay Thai was the style that got most of my attention.  I trained for 3 years in NYC and then moved to Thailand where I trained and fought professionally. I received a Muay Thai certificate as an instructor which lead me to open my own gym in China where I had 250 students.  I always wanted to be in China and be close to the martial arts movies we used to grow up looking up to.

That inspired me a lot, to be in one of those films and show my martial arts skills! Ironically I got recommended to be apart of a project called CHINESE 12 ZODIAC and discovered by the Jackie Chan Team!  My childhood hero's were Jackie Chan, Van Damm and Bruce Lee.

What was your greatest stunt achievement?

My personal greatest achievement is starring next to Jackie Chan.  I am lucky to be working closely with the Jackie Chan Team and acting besides Jackie Chan in 6 different movies.  DRAGON BLADE was the one movie that gave me my recognition in the industry.

What is the best part about being a stunt performer?

I believe that my greatest skill is choreography.  Fight performing is something I feel very comfortable with as I am a martial artist.  The best part of being a stunt performer is the rush and adrenaline on set.  You cannot make a mistake, you have to be on top of the game doing what you're really passionate about!  Thats for me is a good adrenaline!

What advice would you give other stunt performers?

The advice I would give to other stunt people is not to rush, know your limit, and say "no" when you cannot perform specific moves, falls, weapon experiences, horse riding, etc...

Do not try to prove yourself when you not 100%, it is not a shame to learn from each other and give support.  It is better for you and better for production to be honest.

However, train hard and always be ready because you never know when you will get a call!

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the stunt community?

I notice compared to other places in the world that here the competition is much greater, but there are also many more projects.

So how come you are experienced and still don't work?  Compared to other places in the world where if you are simply good, you get the job - here I feel like you have to also "earn" that trust.

We are all humans who may came from similar backgrounds and are trying to make it in the industry.  In my opinion I think we can give more chances to new people.  If you are good for a project you should get a chance.  And if no one wants to give you a chance, well... don't take it personally.

Know yourself, be honest, and be humble.

On my next project I will be co-starring in a Jackie Chan film called VANGUARD (to be released this year in 2020).

Besides acting and performing, I was the Fight Choreographer for the Orlando Bloom film SMART CHASE.  Unfortunately I did not have the power to chose my style and create the scenes I really wanted, but it was a great experience for my first project as a Fight Choreographer.

Another great achievement for me is growing in the industry as an actor.  I was a lead role on a few major films such as SKY HUNTER with BingBing Fan.  At the moment I am based in Hollywood.

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