Stunt Performer Spotlight: Chris Hahn

Featured Interview With Stunt Predator, Chris Hahn.

Tell about yourself and story!

My name is Chris Hahn and I'm a former pro wrestler with WWE/WWF on and off for 28 years, also an amateur bodybuilder, and 17 years of being a personal trainer (ace) with a local fitness company.

What inspired you to become a stunt person?

Being a pro wrestler I've kinda been a stuntman for years - the only difference is safety first. That is preached to us over and over.

What is your greatest skill as a stunt performer, is there a story behind it?

Greatest skill would be my fight technique.  Stand up hand-to-hand or grappling based on my pro wrestling experience.

What is the best part about being a stunt performer?

The best part of being a stuntman is the adrenaline rush.  And taking time to work on my weaknesses to master my craft.

What advice would you give other stunt people?

Ears open, mouth closed and learn from the experience of the others around you.

Anything else you would like to tell the community about?

Stunt Predators in Madison Ohio (Richard Fike) allows us to perfect our craft monthly.

It's a honor to be lead and mentored by him.

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