Stunt Performer Spotlight: ABEL ONUA

Featured Interview With Stunt Performer: ABEL ONUA

Tell about yourself and your background! *

My Name Is Abel ONUA Chibuzor, mostly known as ABEL CHIVIKS..  I am 24 years of age,  am from Nigeria, a native of Okposi, in Ohaozara local government area of Ebonyi State Nigeria.‌I was born 28 of July in the year 1998 (28/07/1998) in Lagos State Nigeria.    I am an action actor, a mixed martial Artist, and an aspiring film maker, I am also the founder of CHiViKS STUNT Team (C.S.T) where I teach other Nigerian athletes how to perform action stunts and fight Choreography for martial art action movies in Nigeria.

What inspired you to become a stunt performer?

What got me fascinated was the martial art movies I watched while growing up, people in the like of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sammo Hung, Tony Jaa, Micheal Jai White, Scott Adkins, a lot of them!  I fell in love with their art and believed I could also do what I've seen in there movies.

What is your greatest skill as a stunt performer, is there a stunt behind it?

I believe my greatest skill is my ability of doing most stunts without the use of ropes and wireworks, ability to do doubles spins on air and 5 to 6 steps on the wall run.

What is the best part about being a stunt performer?

Especially for me, the best part of being a stunt performer is that it makes you totally different from others, you become someone other people wish to be like, in my country (Nigeria) it's rare to find stunt actors, and as a stunt actor myself, that makes me unique..... And then I keep doing my best to inspire others and build a good stunt community in Nigeria.

Tell your all-time favorite stunt story!

I've been opportuned to feature in few Nigerian action movies where I played action and Stuntman roles, and also Choreographed the movie fights, although these movies are yet to be released.‌ My biggest dream is to represent Nigerian Martial arts all over the world through action movies, I'm working so hard on myself to achieve that..

What advice would you give other stunt performers?

I'll advise us to never stop training or practicing, always ensure to use every possible safety measures as avoid injury onset.  Also I'll advise us all to keep doing our best, helping, sharing ideas and motivating each other. #Teamwork

Anything else you'd like to tell the community about?

Yes!  I'd like to let the community know that I really need their support as I'm almost the only one chasing the dream as a stunt performer in Nigeria, stunt jobs are rare to find in Nigeria and I really need support to make connections and get international job opportunities..  I started CHIVIKS STUNT TEAM here in Nigeria as a means of creating and building more stunt performers in my country (Nigeria) and I wish to build more and inspire more people. I had to start sharing my stunt knowledge with other Nigerian athletes, teaching them how to stunt falls, spin kicks,  reactions and how to fight for films, so our Nigerian action movies will now include real martial Artist and stunt men who does the right martial art moves, and when the time come for movies, everyone  will be good with their own skills..

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I'm on:

1. Instagram:  @abel_chiviks

2. Facebook:  Abel Chiviks

3. LinkedIn: ABEL CHiViKS

4. Twitter:  @Abel_Chiviks


6. Also my YouTube channel is ABEL CHIVIKS

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