Stunt Classifieds: Stuntwoman Xtraordinaire

Stunt Performer and Coordinator LaFaye Baker discusses her new clothing brand for Stunt Women.

Tell the stunt community a little about yourself!

Aspirational & Extraordinary describes who I am. I am resilient, relentless, true to the craft of stunts and all about changing the imbalance of gender behind the scene.

I am classified as an innovator, and believe anything is attainable if you conceive it, believe it and dedicate your mind to the task.

Bet, you didn’t know I was introduced to the entertainment business at an early age by making history as a Guinness Book Record Holder. I twirled 58 Hula Hoops at one time on national television.

After that I traveled with Wham-O and that’s how I was introduced entertainment industry.

To further my interest, I was an outstanding gymnast in high school and later compete as a collegiate athlete.

With the above background I feel it provided me with the tenacity and Weatherall to achieve the physical task as a stunt performer.

I have been in the entertainment business for 25+ years, stunt doubling for many of Hollywood’s A-listers and working as a stunt coordinator.

I am always on a mission, as I am the first African American Stuntwoman to Stunt Coordinate a big budget project and television episode in Hollywood.

Yes, I love being a trailblazer and braking barrier. I am also advocate for changing the imbalance of gender behind the scene in Hollywood specifically for below the line | Stuntwomen.

To remain true to my purpose I also created the Action Icon Stuntwomen’s Awards & Stunt Coordinating Conference.

The Action Icon Awards was created to bring awareness and recognize stuntwomen, sports enthusiasts, and Hollywood A-listers.

So, creating a clothing line falls under the umbrella of being a trailblazer.

Tell about Xtraordinaire Activewear!

Stuntwoman Xtraordinaire is a brand for unapologetic expressions of feminism and excellence.

The brand elevates and represents greatness for women of action.

This line empowers stuntwoman and action-oriented sheores across the world, who embrace the words of being unapologetic as a boss woman, while at the same time exercising athleticism from sunrise to sunset. 

Tell the story of how it all began!

If anyone knows anything about me, they know that I step outside the box, create my own lane and exercise my right as an innovator, as one to Dare to be Different. 

By all means I consider myself and aspirational and extraordinary individual which allows me to think outside of the box thread water in inconceivable.

After 25+ years in the business and as the creator of the Action Icon Stuntwomen’s Awards, my marketing person thought it was time for me to create a brand in the form of Stuntwomen Apparel.

So, he started thinking what can I do that might be captivating on a T-shirt.

The whole purpose was to bring awareness to the world that a diverse group of stuntwomen exist. In Hollywood we are called the unsung sheroes.

We came up with the idea to placing various stunt related moves performed by women on apparel.

With that in mind Stuntwoman Xtraordinaire was created.

We started off first just with the idea of T-Shirts but soon after we added to the collection. In 2022, we will be introducing several new action-oriented images all pretty cool. 

How will it help change people’s lives?! 

As a stunt performer the line serves as a component that training is necessary and one should remain true to perfecting the craft.

Being healthy and placing your mind set in the form of action, helps one understand that exercise will be the main component tor longevity and survival.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the community?

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