Stunt Classifieds: Noitom Motion Capture

Stunt Performer James Croak Discusses Noitom Motion Capture

Tell the stunt community a little about yourself!

Hello. I'm James Croak and I approve this message.

I'm a stunt performer when they let me and a mini motion capture stage manager when they don't.

Tell about your awesome product or service.

I work at Noitom's LA office.  We are located North East of downtown LA.  We do inertial motion capture.  That means I have motion capture suits that capture the human body that can be used all over the place.  I can capture in my studio or go to the park or in my living room.

We rent the stage for motion capture needs.  We have suits and can do on-location captures.  We can also do remote motion capture and demos.

How will it help change people’s lives?

Depending on how people use mocap, it can be quite life changing.  It can be used for films and gaming, gait analysis, dance and performance, ergonomics, rehab, sports fitness, robotics, etc.

With technology infiltrating every aspect of human growth and development, motion capture adds an entirely new component to play with in many fields.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the community about this amazing product or service?

Motion capture can be a difficult field to learn about.  There's a few training resources available now to learn about for performance and some resources online to help with the technical side.  It's an explosive field and virtual production is growing rapidly.  It's a skill set that will be very valuable to learn and it's here to stay.

We have a low cost motion capture solution that allows for access that was typically reserved for large studios and high budgets.

I also would like to extend my resources to those in the stunt community.  If there is anyone interested in learning about inertial motion capture, is looking for motion capture for their project, or has questions please contact me at

If anyone is already in virtual production and would like test files, or to collaborate please let me know.