Stunt Classifieds: Kara Smith's Private Kickboxing Lessons

Stunt Performer Kara Smith Offers Private Kickboxing Lessons

Tell the stunt community a little about yourself!

My name is Kara Smith, and I live in Lake Balboa with my two cats and daughter Kaitlyn. I love working with animal rescues, traveling, and anything outdoors.

I have a second degree black belt in MMA, and I am a professional actress and stuntwoman.  I have also been an acting teacher for over a decade.

Tell about your awesome training!

I provide private kickboxing lessons.  I am a teacher by nature, and I easily breakdown technique while also challenging each of my clients.

For the novice, I teach the basics and build from there.

For the more experienced kickboxer, I help them get to the next level by challenging them where they need it most.

It's all about intention.  I help my client's identify what they want most, and help them achieve those goals.

My objective is to help other women feel empowered, while providing valuable fight skills.

I love watching the chips fall into place for my clients, and the pride they feel when they learn something new.

How do you believe your classes will help change your students' lives?

The confidence you gain while kickboxing is something I wish for every woman.

Your body will become stronger, your instincts sharper, and you will gain a sincere knowing that you have what it takes to accomplish anything you set out to do.

Martial Arts isn't just about the physical, but the mental fortitude gained while being in the moment. Kickboxing combos force you to be in the moment, and that skill has a trickle down affect in all areas of your life.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the community about this?

The ideal trainee would be the woman that wants to learn more about the art of kickboxing and self defense, and is passionate about keeping her body physically fit.

She can be a complete novice or someone who wants to brush up on her skills.

She wants to be challenged, and is open to learn new techniques.

I am offering a deal where your first one hour coaching is only $25, and the following month will only be $200 for a month package meeting once a week ($50 per session).

Just mention the Stunt Hustle for this deal!

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