Every stunt performer needs a stunt reel, let us do it for you. We will take your footage and edit it down to a 1 minute reel that will leave coordinators wanting more.


The Editing Process

• After purchase, we will e-mail you requesting the footage you want used in your reel.  If you're local we can come collect it from you!

• We will then discuss the style of the reel and how it can be cut best reflect you.  It is important as a stunt performer to have a reel that embodies your talent, craft, and skills.  For example: is a fast-paced reel with many cuts better to show your abilities?  Or is it a reel featuring your television and film credits?

• We will then edit the footage down to a 1 minute reel, add the song of your choice (if necessary), and a contact card at the beginning and end.

• After completion, you will be allowed up to (2) edits of the reel (but we believe we will nail it before that!)


For example!

We spent time with veteran stuntman Robby Robinson in creating his stunt reel.  Robby excels in old school fighting and has quality acting chops.  We decided it would be best to highlight these skills by cutting together his classic film sequences.  We created a reel reflective of his stunt abilities, his credits, and ultimately his style.  We will be working with Robby for years to come!


Robby Robinson's Stunt Reel:


Stunt Reel

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