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Transformation Room Fitness [] provides short, effective, categorized exercise videos from Certified Trainers and Hollywood Performers! Perfect for when you need a physical pick-me-up, an add-on to your existing routine, or for you to do a series of videos to get a full dynamic longer workout. Tell the stunt community a little about yourself! My name is Linda Kessler, I live in the South Bay of Los Angeles with my husband Rob and two dogs, one of which we rescued during lockdown. I love animals, traveling and helping other people reach their personal ‘next level’. I’ve been a stuntwoman since 2016 and I love our industry so much! My main hobby is working with horses. I’ve been riding since I was 8 years old focusing on Jumpers and Equitation. Tell about Transformation Room Fit and how it came about! In the spring of 2012 I started the Transformation Room Fitness in a park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a side hustle after work at my corporate job. I always enjoyed fitness and personal training so I earned many fitness certifications over the years and found a little niche in the market with TRX and Pilates. By the end of the fall 2012, my side hustle had grown so much my husband and I bought and renovated a building to run an actual boutique gym. With that, I quit my full time job to pursue the life of being my own boss, which at the time was terrifying to leave a great job and security for the unknown. Through working and promoting the gym, I became a fitness model for the following brands: Beachbody Insanity Live, MATRIX, Woodway, TRX and more. After about 3 years at the Transformation Room gym, I was voted #2 best personal trainer for my innovative workout classes, especially HIIT-Pilates, in southeastern Wisconsin. At this time, late 2015, we closed down shop in Wisconsin to move to Los Angeles for more opportunities. This is when I was introduced to stunts, my life changed and I fell in love with the industry. I continued to personal train to get by while I learned about the entertainment industry. While getting settled in LA, I was discovered 3 times for my unique training style to be highlighted in online fitness programs, however, the passion of the owners either wasn’t there or wasn’t in the right place. So after giving them, at different times over the past few years, a lot of my time, creativity and content, it just didn’t work. You know when you can feel people’s energy just isn’t in the right place. So here I am, taking another risk. I created my own team of trainers, put together a production group, and now I’m going forward with a few bucks in my pocket and a heck of a lot of tenacity to make this a reality. We filmed the Transformation Room Fitness on a live switcher, with two 6K cameras, professional sound and licensed background music. Since filming our first few rounds, I’ve been learning and figuring out web development, editing and personally putting this site together. Here’s the thing, there isn’t a shortage of sexy, beautiful people doing plyometric moves, with sweat glistening off their abs and promoting weight loss, weight loss, weight loss. Well, I have abs, sure their great (check out HIIT-Pilates on the platform) but I wanted to give so much more than that. If people are anything like me, I needed something that would fit my busy and bizarre schedule. I wanted workouts I could do while traveling and not jumping around my hotel room, a short dumbbell routine to do after I ran outside, a motivational quick push-start on days I get caught up on my computer all day, a yoga zen session after a long day on set and I’m exhausted and tender. When I’m at home alone, I don’t always want to jump around, some days I just want a low impact muscle burn. I figured there might be more people like me out there who wanted home workout programs to help them get through the tough days, the lazy days and the WTF am I going to do today type of days. I have a fantastic team of 5 certified trainers sharing the mission to help people at a variety of fitness levels. It’s a pop of motivation while someone else tells you what to do and you won’t be bouncing around for a 45 minute video. With this, you can do a 10 minutes fitness session then who knows where you’ll go from there, maybe you’ll do more or maybe that’s literally all you have time for, at least you did something! I just want to support people. How do you think Transformation Room Fit might best help people? Habits can be easy to break and hard to maintain especially while working long, consecutive days on set. Motivation starts with one step, and 10 minutes is easy for anyone to digest. I call it Micro-dosing your fitness. I’m not claiming anyone is going to lose weight off of 10 minutes videos, that isn’t what we’re about. We’re that additional push, that helping hand in a packed busy day. Having a long day on set and just want your glutes? A workout you can do in your trailer while you wait but can’t get sweaty? A 10 minute yoga flow stretch? Here you go! You can do multiple videos back-to-back and get a longer dynamic workout. It’s like building blocks baby, let’s go! For those who haven’t worked out using an online service - can you talk about the benefits of it especially during this time? K.I.S.S. It’s a lovely marketing term. So I did just that, kept it simple. I developed a website that functions like an App and has a facial recognition/thumbprint password log-in option. Minimal words and categorized content in 7-21 day challenges, by trainer and by equipment. It. Is. Clean. The programs play great on your phone, iPad, and computer. It can also airplay stream to smart TV’s. As a fitness consumer, I don’t want to dig around on YouTube, and I want clean imagery and sound when I watch. Besides, I make so many decisions throughout the day, I just want to be told what to do sometimes. Then of course there’s the obvious, gyms are closed. We have workout sessions that use dumbbells, resistance bands and your own bodyweight so you can use your body to better your body. Is there anything else you’d like to tell the community about this amazing service? With the huge uncertainty we are all facing, I put everything into making this fitness site to help people. As stunt performers, you’re all bad asses, doing high intensity workouts, boxing, throwing, sweating etc. but it’s nice to have something for days you can’t see your teammates to keep you on track and you’d be helping your fellow stunt performer reach her dream of a thriving online fitness program. Transformation Room Fitness is only $12/month or $10/month if you get a year in advance. Promo Code: Stunt50 This gets you 14 days free then 50% off your first month subscription! Trainers: Linda Kessler: Stunts & certified trainer Janell Haney: Stunts & certified trainer Heather Boyle: Boxing & Yoga Coach Mike Nicklas: Dancer and certified trainer Marcus Cargill: Certified Trainer Please follow the social platforms, the likes and comments really help out our algorithm. Thank you! Social Handles: Facebook: @TransformationRoomFit Instagram: @TransformationRoomFit Thank you all so much for reading the journey of creating the Transformation Room Fitness. Huge thank you to Hunter and the Stunt Players Team for the support!

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