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Stunt Performer Spotlight: India King

Tell about yourself and your story, India!

I've always been a bit of a tomboy. My very first bike was a Huffy dirt bike and I was the only girl in an all-boys baseball team. When I was young I was into horseback riding and gymnastics. I attended The School For The Performing Arts, where I majored in Theatre and dance. Later on, I decided to train in boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(BJJ)

What inspired you to become a stunt person?

I realized how much I loved the action within movies and television. One day a very good friend of mine who is a stunt woman asked why hadn't I utilized all of my talents within the industry. I had to really think about that and what else I had to offer. So here I am!

What is your greatest skill as a stunt performer, is there a story behind it?

I’m great at hitting the ground ...lol When I was young I would love popping wheelies on my bike and boy did I become one with the ground until I got it right

What is the best part about being a stunt performer?

I get to do these amazing stunts and it’s a rush. My inner child gets to play and be a part of something bigger ! (Always safety first )

What advice would you give other stunt people?

Always work on your skills. It’s okay if you can’t do everything, but what you’re great at continue to build on that.

Anything else you would like to tell the community about?

Safety first as always! Thank you to all the coordinators who have trusted me and gave me the opportunity to work with them 🙏🏽 Let’s continue to support and teach one another.

Instagram: @india_king_

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