Stunt Memorial: Yrigoyen, Joe (RIP)

Joe Yrigoyen

Born: 1910 Passed: 1998

“The Lone Range”(1938), “Daredevils Of The Red Circle”(1939), “Zorro’s Fighting Legion”(1939), “Dark Command”(1940), “Masked Marvel”(1943), “Captain America”(1944), “The Crimson Ghost”(1946), “Ghost Of Zorro”(1949), “Ben Hur” (1959), “How The West Was Won”(1962), “Sons Of Katie Elder”(1965), “Shenendoah” (1965), “Paint Your Wagon”(1969), “The Wild Bunch”(1969), “The Cowboys”(1972), “Blazing Saddles”(1974).

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