Stunt Memorial: Wilder, Glenn (RIP)

Glenn Wilder

Born: 1933

Passed: 2017

Glenn R. Wilder was born on September 1, 1933 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He is known for his work on Monster (2003), Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) and The Last Starfighter (1984). He died on July 7, 2017 in Gotha, Florida, USA.

Glenn R. Wilder (1 September 19337 July 2017; age 83) was a stuntman, stunt actor, stunt coordinator, and second unit director who served as stunt coordinator on Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and the Star Trek: The Next Generation first season episode "Code of Honor". He received no credit for the latter one and was among the group of one time stunt coordinators, prior to Dennis Madalone's employment on the series.

Wilder was born in Los Angeles, California and is the father of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier stuntman Scott Wilder. In 1997 he was injured in a speed boat accident, filming a stunt scene for the feature film Gone Fishin. His son was also injured and his daughter-in-Law, stuntwoman Janet Wilder, died.

Wilder made his first steps into the stunt business in the early '60s and performed and doubled in television series such as The Beverly Hillbillies, The Green Hornet, The Fugitive, as double for David Janssen, and The Mod Squad. He was one of the stunt drivers in Disney's The Love Bug (1968, alongside Regina Parton, Ronald R. Rondell, and Carey Loftin), doubled in the Academy Award nominated thriller Wait Until Dark (1967), and performed stunts in The Boston Strangler (1968, starring Jeff Corey and Sally Kellerman).

He continued in the '70s and appeared in dozens of feature films, including Cleopatra Jones (1973, with Bernie Casey), McQ (1974, with Diana Muldaur), Convoy (1978, with Madge Sinclair and Seymour Cassel), and the television pilot for Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979). Wilder also began working as stunt coordinator and directed the action scenes for productions, including Fuzz (1972), Logan's Run (1976, with stunts by Paula Crist, Tommy J. Huff, Beth Nufer, and Mike Washlake), and Blue Collar (1978, with Ed Begley, Jr.). He was responsible for the stunt scenes in the television series Planet of the Apes (1974, with Mark Lenard) and S.W.A.T. (1975-1976), and took punches, made car stunts, and felt from heights in the popular shows Mission: Impossible (1971-1972, with Leonard Nimoy), Cannon (1972-1973), Mannix (1967-1974), and Starsky & Hutch (1978, starring David Soul). 

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