Stunt Memorial: Walker, William A. (RIP)

William A. Walker

Born: 1896 Passed: 1992

(Died from complications from kidney disease) William “Bill” Walker started working in films during his teens. While working on ranches close to Kernville, California he and other cowboys were ask to ride their horses to work on many of the early westerns being shot in the area. They were happy to make a few extra bucks doing chases, fights and saddle falls. Records of the titles and dates for films he worked on in that era were not kept, but the shows had stars; Hoot Gibson, Bob Steel, John Wayne, and Gene Aurty were just a few. Some of the titles that show a span of his career doing stunt/actor work; Charge Of The Light Brigade (1936), Have gun Will Travel – TV (1959), Daniel Boone – TV (1964), The Loner – TV (1965), Will Penny (1968), Cheyenne Social Club (1970), Kung Fu – TV (1973)

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