Stunt Memorial: Strange, Glen (RIP)

Glen Strange

Born: 1899 Passed: 1973

(From Lung Cancer) Glen started out as a stuntman driving stagecoaches in the thirties. Did a lot of acting, along with stunt work, in many, many “B” westerns, graduating to better films later on. He was “Sam The Bartender” on “Gunsmoke”, for almost the entire run of the series, until the time of his death. Dark Command (1940), “The Mad Monster”(1942), “Brute Force”(1947), “Red River” (1948), “Calamity Jane”(1953), “The Kentuckian”(1955), “Jailhouse Rock”(1957). A fixture in many Westerns, Glen also found fame by portraying the Frankenstein Monster in “House Of Frankenstein”(1944), “House Of Dracula”(1945), & “Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein”(1948).

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