Stunt Memorial: Rose, Wally (RIP)

Wally Rose

Born: 1911 Passed: 2000

Wally was a faithful member of the Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures. He was very happy to say that he was the oldest working living stuntman in the world to date. Wally worked until the last when cancer took the life of a wonderful stuntman. First stunt: 1932 International cutman and trainer.

Born in downtown NY City at Goveneer Hospital. Mother: Lena (she was a costume designer) father: Harris ( he was a rabi) Wally was one of six children Married twice. Jean (deceased) and Lil (divorced). 623 filmsto Wally’s credit. Survived by neice Mona Schorr and Nefew Ed Harris.The true oscar winning hero’s in Wally’s life were Dennis Madalone and Julie Michales who were by Wally’s side giving him hospice care til the day he past on and God took him home. God bless all three of them.

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