Stunt Memorial: Robinson, Dar (RIP)

Dar Robinson

Born: 1947 Passed: 1986

One of the greatest stuntmen of all time. Known for his high fall work and innovative stunt inventions.

(Died in an on set motorcycle accident while shooting “Million Dollar Mystery”) “Magnum Force”(1973), “Papillon”(1973), “The Towering Inferno”(1974), “Rollerball”(1975), “Burnt Offerings”(1976), “Paradise Alley”(1978), “Hooper”(1978), “FIST”(1978), “Nighthawks”(1981), “Sharkey’s Machine”(1981), “Iceman”(1984), “Turk 182″(1985), “Stick”(1985), “To Live And Die In L.A.”(1985), “Lethal Weapon”(1987), “Cyclone”(1987).

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