Stunt Memorial: Pock, Bernhard (RIP)

Bernhard Pock

Born: 1963 Passed: 1996

“Teen Wolf”(1985), “Back To The Future”(1985), “Invaders From Mars”(1986), “The Lost Boys”(1987), “Die Hard”(1988), “Star Trek V”(1989), “Always”(1989), “Waynes World”(1992), “Star Trek Generations”(1994), “Dangerous Minds”(1995), “Last Man Standing”(1996), “A Very Brady Sequel”(1996). Bernhard was a wonderful friend to all of us and one terrific stuntman. He contracted HIV from his wife who had gotten the HIV from a blood transfusion. His mother was actress Nancy Kwan. Bernie was a terrific friend and a great stuntman.

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