Stunt Memorial: Perkins, Gil (RIP)

Gil Perkins

Born: 1907 Passed: 1999

“King Kong”(1933), “Captains Courageous”(1937), “Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde” (1941), “Spy Smasher”(1942), “Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman”(1943), “G-Men Vs The Black Dragon”(1943), “The Three Musketeer”(1948), “Hans Christian Anderson” (1952), “Abbott And Costello Meet Jekyll And Hyde”(1953), “The Sea Chase”(1955), “The Alamo”(1960), “Experiment In Terror”(1962), “How The West Was Won”(1962), “Batman”(1966), “Walking Tall”(1973), “Sherlock Holmes In New York”(1976).

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