Stunt Memorial: Elias, Louie (RIP)

Louie Elias

Born: 1933

Passed: 2017

Louie Elias was born on November 21, 1933 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Louie Nicholas Elias. He is known for his work on Vanishing Point (1971), Dick Tracy (1990) and Flashdance (1983). He died on December 13, 2017 in Ventura, California.

Feature film and television actor and stunt man - Louie Nicholas Elias, Junior, was born on November 21, 1933, raised in Burbank, California, within the shadow of the Warner Bros. and Columbia Pictures' studio exterior sound stages and their back-lots, forming the backdrop of his childhood, to a dad whose jobs shifted between a Hollywood caterer and a bookie, and a mom who wasn't your warm and fuzzy type. "Action Louie" learned quick and fast how to survive the Burbank streets. His charisma got him out of many scrapes, but where charm failed, he earned a reputation as a kid not to mess with, and in one shape or another that formed the story line of his life. When beauty queen Carol Lilly stood up Louie for a date, she unknowingly sparked the cornerstone of his existence: don't back down! They eloped to Las Vegas on Halloween night in 1955. Five children later their home bustled with vibrancy and cacophony. Their marriage spiked between love, loyalty and glamour and the betrayal of human foibles. By 1975 they separated, found their way back together in 1983, separated again but never divorced. Their love and devotion to their family remained a central theme of their lives. Born a natural athlete, Louie excelled in sports. At the University of California at Los Angeles he played for the UCLA Bruin football team at the Rose Bowl under esteemed coach "Red Sanders" (UCLA's Football Coach from 1949-1957). Louie briefly joined the ROTC to avoid the draft, did reserve camp and hated it. He never liked people yelling orders at him. After college, Louie played professional football until knee injuries caused him to be cut from the team. He returned to Hollywood, beginning as a film extra, working his way into a bit part movie actor. Louie's first movie stunt job on Universal Studios' "Spartacus" earned him his first stunt injury when actor Kirk Douglas drowned him a soup cauldron and gave him a cut to his chin and a scar for life. Up until the millennium with over one hundred and fifty film and film TV series credits to his name, "Action Louie" lea-pt from the tower of "F-Troop," fought his way out of 'The Wild Bunch," raced into "Vanishing Point," and took the fall for all those chiseled men of the film and TV screens. Louie wrote screenplays, and later became a commercial actor. Louie loved the action. Louie died at age 84 on December 13, 2017 but leaves a legacy of living a life of passion; being fearless; to question authority; to fight for what you believe in no matter the odds; love your family; don't stop moving.

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