Stunt Memorial: Davis, Jan (RIP)

Jan Davis

Born: 1941 Passed: 1999

On Earth as Jan Davis. To Jan life was truly a celebration: a celebration of love, passion, daring, and adventure. Life didn’t pass her by; she lived every moment as if it were her last. She left us, tragically on October 22, during a peaceful protest jump off El Capitan on a beautiful sunny afternoon in Yosemite National Park. Jan’s family would like you to remember her as she was vivacious, radiant, and affectionate. She always savored life and encouraged others to share her infectious enthusiasm.

Once given the gift of flight, she soared, as we know she does now. Tom Sanders, her husband discovered the following words. Written by Jan, her philosophy for living provides the perfect summation to this dedication: “I believe life is about action and passion, and you truly can’t begin to live life until you overcome your fear of dying.” Spy Hard 1996, WaterWorld 1995

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