Stunt Memorial: Davidson, Bret (RIP)

Bret Davidson

Born: 1959

Passed: 2017

Bret L. Davidson born in February 28th, 1959 in Glendale, California. His Mother and Father are his greatest mentors. Growing up in a racing family, he was already riding motorcycles at the age of 5. By 15 he became the state champion in the 125 Pro Class in Arizona and received a factory ride from Bultaco which lead him to a 29th National Ranking. He then took his talents to the screen and in his first film he was cast to play a young Desperado in The Kid and the Gun Fighter in 1980. When finishing 2nd in a National Stuntman's Competition in 1983, Judge Jocko Mahoney said "Bret, go to LA and pursue your dream, you have what it takes". This was just the beginning of Bret's career as an actor/stunt man. He is credited for over 100 film and television appearances including Star Trek IV, Rangers, Natural Born Killers, Wishmaster, Dukes of Hazzard, The Way of the Gun, The Crow and The Avenging Angels to name a very few. He currently (2007) contributes to the industry as a Second Unit Director and Stunt Coordinator along with his years as an experienced stuntman. A few of his more memorable moments are riding motorcycles with Malcolm Smith and Steve McQueen; working with his great friend and mentor, Paul Baxley; trapped in a car with Michael Madsen screaming for a second meal on location; his 2 years with Terrance Hill on Lucky Luke 1990-92; playing liars poker with Jack Elam and the guidance and helpful teachings from Charlton Heston. His achievements also include a world record for the Highest and Longest Ride Hanging off the Skids of a Helicopter/ Dead Man Can't Dance 1997. The biggest blessing of all is his son, Dustin, who is his little buddie. 

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