Stunt Memorial: Carveth, Gordon (RIP)

Gordon Carveth

Born: 1897 Passed: 1972

He was stuntman in the twenties thru the forties; He was a diver in the Olympic in the teens or 1920s. In Steve McQeen’s film, Nevada Smith, a pre-quel to The Carpetbaggers, the producers used a film clip of a man and horse leaping off a high cliff into a lake. That was Gordon, and they paid him for the footage.

Milkman, The (1950) (uncredited) …. Man, Chicago Deadline (1949) …. Marty, Wild Harvest (1947) …. Madigan crew,Baby Take a Bow (1935) (uncredited) …. Double, Stunts filmography

1.365 Nights In Hollywood (1934) (stunts)

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