Stunt Memorial: Brown, Loren (RIP)

Loren Brown

Born: 1917

Passed: 1989

Loren Brown was one of the top gymnast in the state of California. This earned him a spot on the USC gymnastic team in the mid-1930s. Upon graduation, he became a gymnastic coach at Inglewood High School until he got drafted into the army during World War 2. Like most Los Angeles residents of the era, Brown had appeared in a few movies but once he returned from war, he decided to pursue a career in motion pictures. Because of his gymnastic background, Brown became a stuntman and would constantly double for actors if it required them do things like high water dives or even stunts that just required a certain amount of danger or some athletic ability. By the late 1950s, Brown found himself working as a stuntman doubling some cowboy actors and appearing in western bar scenes collecting paychecks as townsman, barflies, and henchman. Like most western stuntmen, Brown preferred to stay in the background and was able to earn a living through anonymity. As westerns ended, Brown's career really started to fade but he tried to keep busy by appearing in whatever westerns were still being made and appearing in skid row scenes throughout the 1980s until he passed away. Loren Brown was born on January 4, 1917 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Loren Burton Brown. He is known for his work on Dragnet (1951) and Medical Center (1969). He died on November 7, 1989 in Los Angeles County, California

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