Stunt Memorial: Brown, Jophery (RIP)

Jophery Brown

Born: 1945

Passed: 2014

The Taurus Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Jophery Brown, a legendary stunt man whose career has spanned over 30 years and includes stunts in over 400 films and television shows. Johpery got into the stunt business after a torn rotary cup ended his career as a major league pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. His natural athleticism helped him rise in the industry as one of the first African-American stunt men in Hollywood. In addition to serving as stunt coordinator for legendary films such as Scarface and Action Jackson, he has performed memorable stunts like driving a bus over a gap in the freeway in Speed and crashing cars in the television show A-Team. His work navigating a big rig through a high speed chase in Bad Boys II even garnered him a Taurus Award in 2004 for Best Work with a Vehicle. In his long career, Jophery has doubled Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Denzel Washington, Bill Cosby, and Sidney Poiter.

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