Stunt Memorial: Arnold, Denny (RIP)

Denny Arnold

Born: 1924 Passed: 2001

Passed away peacefully at MSA Hospital in Abbotsford British Columbia near family and friends.

Denny Arnold has worked in more than 350 films as an Actor, 2nd Unit Director, Stunt coordinator and Stuntman in an adventuresome and successful 28 year career ranging from Hollywood to other film continents worldwide.

Born in Canada but moved south to Texas and, after high school gained an education on a football scholarship to the University of Mississippi. After a brilliant college career as a receiver and running back, his professional career in the NFL was shortened by a knee injury.

His adventuresome spirit let him to Texas and California, and careers as a professional rodeo cowboy, pilot, race car and drag boat driver. His mechanical abilities and his many experiences have provided him the ability, knowledge, and physical attributes to open the door to Hollywood and an illustrious film career. He has invented and developed many of the modern day stunt and safety equipment.

Denny also served on the Screen Actors Guild Stunt Rules and Safety Board. He also performed created and executed action and scenes for many of the worlds greatest directors. Dennys action has been likened to that of Sam Peckinpah and Walter Hill.

Denny has appeared on the Academy Awards screen twice, as an action in Bound for Glory and Chinatown when these films were announced as nominated for motion picture of the year.

He is the first, and only Canadian inducted into the Stuntmens Hall of Fame for his lifetime achievement.

Being well rounded, experienced, and trained gives Denny the upperhand as 2nd Director, Actor, Stunt Coordinator, and Stuntman in films ranging from eastern to western, period to contemporary.

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