So Long and Farewell 2020! Here's What's Next...

What an INSANE monster of a year!

I think the most unifying part of 2020 has been the 'insanity' all across the board. We have ALL been affected in some uniquely different, insane way...

But there is no better time than now to continue supporting each other and helping lift each other up towards our respective goals.

We built this new 'Stunt Hustle' platform to try to do just that. To help spread a positive word, story, experience, or message from friend to family member - all within the stunt community.

The stories shared have been phenomenal. We have learned so much about our stunt brothers and sisters by doing this - it will be something we continue to do for the rest of time.

We are overjoyed by the response from fellow stunt performers and coordinators alike - expressing how much they've learned about new performers and connections that have been made through the stories.

I also want to note - we are a family operation. The Stunt Performer Spotlight is something we want to continue offering to everyone - BUT I do have my work cut out for me here... I have MORE stories I need to edit and publish. If you are reading this and your story has not been shared just yet - don't worry, we are working on it.

I try and take the best care I possibly can with these stories. They are extremely special. And as a one-man machine behind the computer here - I will make sure everyone gets their message and story heard! It is my duty.

We are also working on rolling out new features and more cool stuff - to again, help you get the word out!

We are always monitoring and implementing new ways we can help effectively promote your skills and abilities to the highest degree possible. We will continue to do so throughout the new year, no matter how insane it may be.

Please stay tuned - and ALWAYS feel free to email us personally if you think we can be of benefit to you or your business [].

I value every message and every call. And if you ever feel that I have missed something - please, please, please holler again. I am not perfect by any means! But my family and I can promise we will do our absolute best to help you succeed to the very best of our abilities.

As we move into 2021 - we would just like to simply let you know that we are here for you, we hear you, and the line is always open no matter what.

You have championed through a year of insanity. We are rooting for you in 2021.

Let's kick ass together!


-Hunter Crowder

On Behalf of Stunt Hustle & Stunt Players

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